About Us

A Note from the Founder Sarah Butler 

Hello and Welcome!

Skinfood Naturally launched in February 2020, following my own nervous breakdown, diagnosis with clinical depression and the hormonal acne caused by the stress. I formulate and sell my own brand of natural skincare products as a certified cosmetic scientist. My current range comprises of a cleanser, toner, serum and moisuriser, formulated for maturing or compromised skin, focusing on inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. My brand is centred on boosting skin confidence by supporting healthy skin and improved mental health, through self-care and wellbeing practices and mindset


About Us


Skinfood Naturally was founded by Sarah Butler in Ramsey, Isle of Man. Sarah has used organic skincare products for over 25 years, spending 3 years working for a well-known British natural skincare and wellness company. She decided to harness the knowledge she gained through this, tap into her passion for natural ingredients and launch her own unique brand, offering a range of high quality, natural and organic products.


These are made in small batches to the highest standards to ensure consistency and quality.  The ingredients are sourced sustainably and ethically from reputable suppliers, to stringent standards. 


The products are vegan, never using animal derivatives and are never animal-tested. They use essential oils rather than synthetic alternatives to achieve fragrances and use natural paraben-free preservatives at a maximum of 1% to reduce allergens. 


We want to encourage people to live happier, healthier lives, by sharing a little bit of natural goodness. Many people think hard about what they eat and how it affects their body-shape, but we often forget that what we put ON our skin is just as important! At Skinfood Naturally, we believe that if it’s good for you to eat, it’s good for you to put on your skin too!


There are an increasing amount of pollutants in our environment that we come into daily contact with and your skin is the biggest organ in your body, so it takes a lot of abuse from environmental factors. Never fear! Plants are skin saviours, packed with vitamins and nutrients to boost skin radiance and health and super antioxidants which help to protect delicate skin cells from sustaining damage caused by free-radicals, UV rays and pollutants. These ingredients are such superheroes that we take special care of them, ensuring they are packaged in a way that helps to preserve the beneficial elements and limit the environmental degradation which can occur over time, by filtering out UV. This means we can create purer products with a lower percentage of preservatives.


Our Ingredients Philosophy


At Skinfood Naturally, we believe that Nature is the best source of ingredients for our skin products. After all, if it’s healthy for you to eat it and packed with benefits, why shouldn’t these work for your skin too? Natural ingredients have been used in personal care for centuries and in recent years, scientific advances have provided a greater understanding of how and why these botanicals and fruit extracts create such wonderful results. We use no unnecessary chemicals, parabens, additives or fragrances. We’ve chosen the best quality natural and organic ingredients, each showcasing its powers to gently boost or protect your skin and enhance your skincare routine experience.