Here's what our customers are saying about Skinfood and our products!




It’s always good to try new products & the new Skinfood range does not disappoint,   

good texture on the skin & economical, favourite so far is the toner - it feels fresh and zingy - enjoy - Shirley Corlett



I bought the Witch Hazel toner from Sarah which was posted out to me due to the

CV19 lock down. it came very well packaged and the product itself is supplied in a

blue glass spray bottle which is great in this time of recycling and minimum use of

plastic. The toner itself smells amazing and feels fresh when applied. Thanks for the

great service Sarah - I plan to buy more of your products as my existing ones run out.



I am loving the Fabulous Frankincense Serum and the Purifying Witch Hazel Toner ! Really lovely quality products - can definitely recommend both! I'll be trying the rest of the range!



I have been using the Skinfood naturally frankincense renewal cream and serum.

Both are now my favourite beauty items -they both make my skin feel soft

and smooth. Would definitely buy again. Carol



I love Skinfood! Makes my skin feel deeply nourished. My favourite is the frankincense cream.

But I treated myself to the trial pack so great to test the other products too.

Love that it’s all natural, vegan & made locally & very good results - I’m happy - Stefanie Kerwin



The look and feel of my skin has improved so much: it is plumper,

has more even skin tone and I think even my big shiny forehead

looks so much better. Just think how amazing it will look when

I actually start drinking the 2 litres of water a day I’ve

promised myself... Thank you Sarah, the

frankincense serum is particularly fabulous - Ruth Whittam



Great customer service and care. Sarah looks after you, making sure that you are doing everything to help your skin, not just about what products would be best for you!Highly recommend this company and the products, especially the face cream



I’m loving my nourishing face cream it’s a luxurious product and I’ve loving the results my skin looks great! Great to know it’s cruelty free & organic too



Being a bloke I have never really paid attention to skin care, but Sarah gave me a sample of her Fabulous Frankincense Cream to try. Quite an eye opener, nicely perfumed it was not greasy and rubbed into the skin easily , a small blob went further than expected. For me it has made a few areas of dry skin much smoother and particularly nice on the neck as it seems to avoid itching which aftershave can cause. So bought a jar for myself. When my sister who works in a care home told me about her hands being raw from constant washing, I mentioned the cream to her. She is actually an agent for a well known cosmetic/skincare/toiletry company and had not found anything in their range for her skin, which can flare up at the slightest thing, but it seems natural products are the answer. I asked Sarah if she could arrange for a jar of cream to be sent to my sister in UK, it duly arrived about 3 days later. I was delighted as unlike my usual gifts this was really appreciated, not just helping her raw hands but it also helped her stress from working in the care home. I wont say it was due to calming effect of the perfume, although it might, but nice to get such a nice gift in these troubled times. Thanks Sarah.



Well done Sarah, I am very impressed with your creams they are just brilliant, not greasy and your skin feels so soft after using and smell so amazing, thank you x Karen Hanly



loved this cream and so silky feeling on skin. Stephanie Green



A really nice cream, soft and easy to apply with great coverage. Works in to the skin really

well and leaves a soft, fresh feeling, no greasiness at all. Very subtle fragrance,

not overpowering or too floral like many others. Steve Babb



I found the creams made quite a difference to the balance of colour on my face and reduced

redness. Lovedhow only a small amount was used and it really went on lovely

and felt amazing even the next morning. It really was a

revelation using toner after all these years. Abbie Sutton



I have been using skinfood products now for few weeks and I can't rate it enough! Particularly the frankincense serum and cream. A small amount goes a long way so absorbable which I've always struggled with having super dry skin! I applied the witch hazel toner to a particular pesky spot and found it to clear up far sooner than if just left! Someone at work commented on how good my skin was looking, great boost! Highly recommended , I will be purchasing more varied skinfood products as so far so good! Sarah Hutton



My favourite products are the fabulous frankincense serum, for around eyes, and fabulous

frankincense cream (moisturiser). The first noticeable factor is the unique scent of the

frankincense, LOVELY! And only a small amount goes a long way. Good to know free from

the stabilisers and preservatives of commercial products. Leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft.



Skinfood Fabulous Frankincense moisturiser and serum - I have dry and also

sensitive skin so I have to be a little care with products.I can honestly say

both the cream and serum have improved the dryness and suppleness of my

skin and I’ve had no reaction due to the pureness of the ingredients. Thank

you Sarah and I’ll be back for more. I’m a happy girl



I love trying new skincare products being a therapist. The cleansing cream is beautiful and fresh.

The face cream and serum are excellent products, I would certainly recommend them. Also

very well thought out packaging. Gerry Hurt



Fantastic products! Smells amazing and feels amazing on the skin! Holly Cretney

Just love Skinfood. Tried it to support local but will be using it forever now. Dawn Sim

I love Sarah’s products. I bought the trial kit thinking it’d be handy for travelling and ended up buying them all in full size. The consistency and fragrance are perfect and my skin feels refreshed after using it. I usually use Estée Lauder skin products and prefer Skinfood, Highly recommended Viv Edge



I bought a Skinfood Trial pack at the end of lockdown. My skin was dry and didn’t feel good.It was excellent

because it got me into the regime of using each day and lasted fot three weeks, it was a very

good introduction to the brand. I also have sensitive skin and some creams, don’t suit me,

reading Sarah’s clear instructions helps. Lynne, IOM



I bought a trial size pack of Skinfood a couple of weeks ago and loved the products

so much that I went back and bought a set of the full size jars. It's great for mature skin

and i love that it's all made with natural ingredients and it's local too! Jenny McCauley



Sarah's products are absolutely lovely. I bought the trial kit which gives you a real flavour of the range.

The cleanser smells beautiful and the moisturising cream worked well on smoothing my skin. Jessica Jones



The look and feel of my skin has improved so much: it is plumper, has more even skin tone and I think even my big shiny forehead looks so much better. Just think how amazing it will look when I actually start drinking the 2 litres of water a day I’ve promised myself... Thank you Sarah, the frankincense serum is particularly fabulous - Ruth Whittam